Tua Pejat City in Mentawai District, West Sumatra

Coming to Sumatra Island is worth thousands of experiences. The reason is none other than the opportunity to explore many beautiful small islands residing near to the main island. For instance, there is the Mentawai Islands. The most famous island is called Sipura where Tua Pejat City resides. Tua Pejat is the capital of Mentawai District and becomes a prime checkpoint for tourists before they continue their adventure in Mentawai. The population is more than 4500 and it keeps growing over time. With such popularity, all visitors should never miss the chance to explore the city and visit some nearby tourist attractions there.

The Nuance
Despite being a capital of Mentawai, Tua Pejat City doesn’t lose its natural charm. That means visitors can still enjoy its lush nature and peaceful atmosphere. However, it also provides good facilities for tourists like restaurants, hotels, etc. Even visitors can find public transportation services easily so they are able to get around the city and visit some good spots for a vacation. On top of that, the locals would help tourists regarding hotel and tourist spots information. Finding a local guide is quite easy either.

Exploring Tua Pejat City
Being the capital of Mentawai Islands, Tua Pejat City is more crowded than other areas in Mentawai. No wonder, it becomes a checkpoint before exploring any islands in Mentawai. When it comes to the most famous structure, there is Siti Nurbaya Bridge on which tourists can take pictures and enjoy sightseeing. One thing, it is better to come in the evening when the atmosphere is more comfortable. Tua Pejat City is considered hot at noon, after all. As an alternative, wearing a hat or sunglasses would be helpful.

The next attraction in Tua Pejat City is its local people. The city has a plural society which means it has different tribes living together harmoniously. These include Nias, Batak, Javanese, Minang, and Mentawai Tribe. When it comes to the local believe, most of these people have a common belief called Sabulungan, especially those who are related to the indigenous people of Mentawai. Have no worries. Some of them are able to speak English so they can help tourists like giving information or directions.

Tua Pejat City is located in Siberut Island and it features several high-quality resorts. No wonder, many people visit it to relax and enjoy nature. The prices vary, though. Still, all of those resorts offer similar quality and services so tourists would be satisfied with them. Once enjoying a relaxing time in one of those resorts, tourists can directly go to a famous beach called Mapadegata. It is the place where they can enjoy the sunset, beach walking, and other fun activities.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mapadegat Beach
  • Jati Beach

How to Get There
It is considered easy to reach Tua Pejat City. The fact is that it resides in Sipura Island. First, tourists need to head to Padang City and take a speedboat from there. Here is the thing. The boat services are only available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The voyage may take about 4 hours from Siti Nurbaya Port to Tua Pejat Port, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Togat Nusa Retreat
  • Fenix Beach Resort
  • Bilou Beach Villas

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