Sipora Island in Mentawai District, West Sumatra

Being a recommended tourist destination in West Sumatra, Mentawai Islands never fail to amaze visitors. The prime reason to visit it is the options of beautiful islands for tourists to explore. One of them is called Sipora and it is considered as the smallest one. Despite the small size, the island has a strategic location so everyone can reach it without hassle (especially by boat). The location is between Siberut and Pagai Island and it becomes the home of the capital of Mentawai District namely Tua Pejat City.

The Nuance 
As mentioned before, Sipora Island is small when it comes to size as compared to other islands of Mentawai. The size is around 845 km per square and it consists of mostly natural landscapes. For instance, the island is covered by approximately 15% of rain forests and pristine nature. As for the villagers, they work as either a farmer or fisherman. That means tourists might find several local houses located near to the beach and some boats there.

Exploring Sipora Island
Today, Sipora becomes the main destination for those who are visiting Mentawai Island. No wonder, it offers several interesting tourist spots and perfect surfing areas. That means Sipora is well-known among those who love surfing and other water sports. The fact is that the beaches in the island would be crowded between April and October when the waves are the best. Still, other months are also suitable to enjoy surfing. It is safe to say that Sipora offers a perfect condition for surfers and tourists as the waves seem nice throughout the year. Even beginners can enjoy good times there as long as they know the basics and get some tips from the locals.

For those looking for good surfing spots, some options are available including Lance’s Left and Hollow Trees (known for their famous cylinder waves called the right tube). However, it is not recommended for beginners as the wave is considered dangerous.Well, it would be simpler if tourists ask for further information from their tour agent. The other options are Iceland, Telescope, and Scarecrows which are also recommended to enjoy surfing.

Apart from surfing, Sipora Island also offers other attractions including the local foods. For example, there is one called Subbet (snacks made of taro and grated coconut). It is cheap and tasty so tourists should try some when visiting Sipora. Next, they can meet Mentawai Tribe and learn some culture and local dances there. Those people are friendly, after all. That means it won’t be difficult to approach them.

Nearby Attractions

  • Siberut Island
  • North Pagai Island

How to Get There
Some tourists say it is hard to reach the Mentawai Islands. Well, it is not true as long as they know the right transportation service to use. From Padang (Muara Port), they can ride a boat and head to Sipura right away. Once they reach Tua Pejat City or the capital of Mentawai District, they can choose a particular spot for surfing or nearby accommodations.

Where to Stay

  • Hollow Trees Resort
  • Kingfisher Bay Resort
  • Togat Nusa Surfing Retreat Resort
  • Aloita Surf Resort

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