Maileppet Bay in Sipura Island, Mentawai District

Another interesting place to visit during the holiday is available in Sipura Island, which is called Maileppet Bay. Such sloping bay has been chosen as a good spot for swimming and riding a boat. No wonder, tourists are likely to meet the locals during their vacation in that area. In terms of name, the bay takes it from the location which belongs to Maileppet Village. It resides in South Siberut Sub-District and becomes the entry point for those who come from Padang City. In other words, the bay should be the first tourist spot to visit when reaching Sipura Island.

The Nuance
Maileppet Bay shares similar characteristics to Mapadegat Beach, which offers calm waves. This explains why many visitors take advantage of it to enjoy swimming and other water sports. Despite the fact, kids should not get too close to water unless they come with their parents. As an alternative, playing sand on the coast is definitely fun. They can also meet with other kids who also come to the bay with their parents. It is because the bay is famous among families and those who want to gather with their friends. Hanging out in Maileppet is quite common, after all.

Exploring Maileppet Bay
The best time to visit Maileppet Bay is during the dusk when there is the sunset. The nuance feels so romantic and soothing at the time. Tourists can simply stand on the coast and witness such beautiful sunset until dark. As an alternative, they can chat with their friends or families and enjoy that beautiful moment together. What a perfect time to bond a stronger relationship it is! As for the tip, they must not forget to carry a camera as they need to capture such mesmerizing views.

The next activity to do in Maileppet Bay is to reach the port. As mentioned earlier, Maileppet becomes the entry point for visitors who come from Padang City. No wonder, many people are seen in the port especially tourists and outsiders. Somehow, such nuance feels so interesting. It also gives the chance to everyone to conduct photography or simply sightseeing. Even eating foods and snacks at the port would be quite comfortable. Also, fishing is quite recommended there.

Once tourists enjoy good times in Maileppet Bay, they can start approaching the locals and enjoy their culture. It will be lucky if they are offered some foods by those people. One of the most exotic foods of Mentawai Tribe is called Batra. It is actually sago caterpillar and the locals usually eat it raw! Well, not all tourists are fond of such extreme snack, though. Despite the appearance, such snack contains numerous nutrients. It would give a new experience for anyone who comes to Maileppet Bay and nearby villages.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sikakap Island
  • Tua Pejat City
  • Mapadegat Beach

How to Get There
Padang City becomes the prime checkpoint for those who want to visit the Mentawai Islands. Tourists can take a speedboat from Bungus Port and head to Siberut Island. Their destination is definitely Maileppet Port. Later, they can start exploring the bay and nearby attractions like Tua Pejat and Mapadegat Beach. As for information, the speedboat services are only available on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.

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