Bat Soumang Waterfall in Bulasat Village, Mentawai

When visiting Mentawai District, tourists must not forget to explore several villages like Bulasat. Why is that? The main reason is the presence of a stunning waterfall called Bat Soumang. Its beauty is no doubt, but it is also considered dangerous due to its heavy flow. Despite the fact, tourists would be astonished by its unspoiled nature and an adventure opportunity. Some of them even take a chance to join the locals performing an extreme sport called rafting. As alternatives, many activities can be done as well like photography, relaxation, and trekking.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the waterfall offers a solemn atmosphere as it is surrounded by lush nature. Many plants and trees grow there, creating a refreshing ambiance. Not to mention the location is a bit secluded so no disturbing noise is heard there. Only the sound of the water, insects, and birds are available. Those create a peaceful feel which everyone can enjoy, especially tourists who want to eradicate their stresses. The only disappointing point is that the waterfall is not suitable for taking a bath or swimming. It is due to its high flow which is considered dangerous.

Exploring Bat Soumang Waterfall
The most famous tourist activity to do in Bat Soumang Waterfall is rafting. No wonder, the falls connect to a river on which tourists can explore with a raft. During the activity, they get the thrilling experience and enjoy the surrounding nature at the same time. The water splash feels quite refreshing as well. For those who don’t like an extreme activity, they can simply watch the waterfall and take some pictures of it. One thing, they must not get too close to such waterfall.

Provided by pristine nature and comforting atmosphere, no one gets disappointed visiting Bat Soumang Waterfall. On the other hand, they can create a beautiful vacation memory especially when they come with families or friends. Despite lacking facilities, the location is considered safe as long as visitors come with a local tour guide. This person knows the field and route well so tourists can avoid any harms or troubles when exploring the site. What they only need to do is to pay some money to such service.

Located in a secluded area, the waterfall offers a distinct charm. Not to mention it takes an effort to reach the location, as tourists need to take a speedboat and conduct a small trekking. The site is surrounded by big trees and a forest, so there is the chance of getting lost. In order to avoid such issue, coming with a tour guide is quite compulsory. Otherwise, visitors would spend more time than it should be to reach the location.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Padang City, it takes about 10-11 hours to reach Siberut Island. Once tourists get to the island, they may continue their trip and head to Bulasat Village. Such settlement is surrounded by huge trees, though. That means it a little bit difficult to approach the lake without the help of a local guide.

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