Katiet Bosua Beach in Sipora Island, Mentawai

Mentawai Archipelago is recognized as a surfers’ heaven. It is true as many good surfing spots are available both for beginners and professionals. For example, it is Katiet Bosua Beach, which is located near to Bosua Village. To be exact, it belongs to Sipora Island and part of Mentawai Archipelago. The beach is famous for its great waves which are suitable for extreme surfing. That means only professionals are allowed to get in the sea and enjoy such activity. For others, the beach becomes a place to relax and enjoy the breeze of the wind under shady trees!

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Katiet Bosua Beach emits a peaceful nuance as it features different types of trees especially coconuts. The fact is those trees grow near to the shoreline so tourists can sit under them and avoid the heat of the sun when spending a good time at the beach. Next, it is the sand, which is quite soft and beautiful. No wonder, beach walking is also popular there. One thing that tourists can be sure of is that the beach owns majestic waves, which can reach up to the height of 4 meters! Surfers would definitely love them.

Exploring Katiet Bosua Beach
Being part of Sipora Island, Katiet Bosua Beach shares its uniqueness like great waves and comfortable atmosphere. Sipora is a small and beautiful island but it offers some good spots for surfing. Katiet Bosua is one of them. Therefore, surfing becomes a prime tourist activity and has been done by many tourists recently (even foreigners). One thing, tourists must carry their own surf board as finding a rental service is a bit difficult on Sipora Island. As an alternative, they can rent one when they are in Tua Pejat City or other crowded tourist spots.

The best thing about Ketiet Bosua Beach is that the waves are constant. That means surfers can enjoy the activity throughout the year. Those waves are challenging, though. For beginners, they should find other spots which are safer like Tumalai. Still, they are allowed to try surfing in Katiet Bosua Beach as long as they are under trainers’ supervision. These professionals can be found in nearby tourist services or resorts actually. They cost a little bit money but their services are indeed useful for beginners.

Another fun activity to do in Katiet Bosua Beach is an exploration. As mentioned before, the beach belongs to Sipora Island (which is located between Siberut and Pagai Island). No wonder, it is possible to reach those islands from the beach as long as tourists are accommodated with a reliable speedboat service. In this case, they can talk to their tourist agency first prior to visiting Katiet Bosua.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Padang City, travelers can simply ride a speedboat to Tua Pejat City. Next, they may need to take another boat and head to Bosua Village. This trip takes about 4 hours actually. With such long trip, it is better to carry bottled water and some snacks so tourists won’t feel hungry when heading to the destination.

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