Famous Beaches in Mentawai District, West Sumatra

The best charm of Mentawai District is definitely its culture. Still, people also recognize it as the best place to find good waves for surfing. No wonder, many options of beaches are available to visit either for such fun water sport or relaxing. The fact is that Mentawai offers more than 400 surfing spots and it has been acknowledged by foreign tourists as well. The only problem is that some people have no idea about the beaches they can visit. Well, it is true that the options are many but only several beaches that have recognized as the best ones.

The Nuance
Before discussing the options of beaches in Mentawai District, it is better to learn about their specialties. Here is the thing. Mentawai is surrounded by beautiful sea and its amazing waves. This explains why the beaches provide a great environment for surfing. Some of them are even considered extreme, which is suitable for professional surfers. Due to this fact, foreign surfers are also interested in coming to Mentawai and trying to enjoy the challenge. They usually come between April and October during the best waves.

Exploring the Beaches
So, what beaches are best enough to visit? As mentioned before, many options are available so tourists can choose the one they are fond of. These include Karang Bajat, Nyangnyang, Panaggelat Mainuk, Karoniki, Selatan, and Katiet Bosua. These are the best choices for those who want to enjoy surfing, actually. On the other hand, those who want a casual beach vacation can choose beaches with calmer waves like Mapadegat and Jati. Those are famous among families as well.

As for the locations, tourists can visit several sub-districts like Sipora, North Pagai, and South Siberut. Those are the homes of beautiful beaches featuring either calm or extreme wave. When it comes to transportation, tourists can take advantage of any local services or a help from tour agent. As long as they have prepared some money, they would never have an issue there. This applies to accommodations or other services too. Fortunately, some beaches in Mentawai are located near to high-quality resorts so everyone can rent a comfortable room during the vacation.

It is quite recommended to hire a tour guide as he can provide helpful information regarding the best beaches in Mentawai. Not to mention he would recommend the best place to stay and get some discounts from a particular resort. Another tip is regarding a special event called Pesona Mentawai. It is a merry event where lots of people gather in beaches and do water sports together. The thing is tourists should learn about the schedule first prior to joining the event.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pagai Island
  • Siberut Island
  • Sipura Island

How to Get There
Visiting Mentawai Archipelago is not as difficult as people might think. Usually, tourists might take a boat from Padang City (Bungus Port) and head to Sipura Island. Once they reach Tua Pejat City, they can start exploring some beaches that reside in Mentawai. It can be done by local transportation services.

Where to Stay

  • Togat Nusa Retreat
  • Awera Resort
  • Matungou - Mentawai Surf

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