Singunung Waterfall in Melacan Village, North Siberut, Mentawai

Mentawai Archipelago is not all about the beautiful and peaceful island. It also offers other stunning natural attractions like beaches, waterfalls, and much more. For example, there is Singunung Waterfall which is located in Melacan Village and it belongs to North Siberut Sub-District. The main charm of the waterfall is indeed its solemn nature and levels. Some tourists are also interested in its adventure in reaching the falls, which takes a bit trekking. Regardless of the reasons in visiting Singunung, all visitors who come to Mentawai should never miss an opportunity to enjoy such majestic falls!

The Nuance
Singunung Waterfall has three levels but they are quite short. That means visitors can climb and play on the water without hassles. The falls are surrounded by lush trees and plants, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Not to mention the air feels so refreshing. Along the way to the waterfall, tourists might see local houses with their beautiful fences. On top of that, villagers are so friendly and they often offer some snacks to visitors. They also recommend tourists to wear better footwear before continuing their trekking to reach the falls, in fact.

Exploring Singunung Waterfall
One of the best reasons in visiting Singunung Waterfall is to enjoy a small trekking. It is because tourists should walk for several minutes in order to reach that tourist spot. In this case, wearing boots would be helpful as the landscape is a bit slippery. As mentioned before, they would pass through a local settlement during trekking to the waterfall. It is a fun experience as they can see local activities, some livestock, and much more. There is even a unique thing called Souluk which is the home of pigs. For tourists, they must take the opportunity by taking pictures of those animals.

Once they reach Singunung Waterfall, they can start exploring the location. The nuance is quite peaceful and it features amazing nature. Even the sound of Bilou or local primates are heard in that area. The water is clean and fresh, luring everyone to get and play in it. Some fishes are also seen there! In order to reach the next level of the falls, tourists should climb a nearby hill. It is a bit challenging, but it is worth an effort for sure.

In the third level of the falls, the view is better and the water feels more comfortable. That location usually becomes a spot where tourists take some pictures using their camera. The thing is they need to be careful as the landscape is quite slippery. For those who don’t like to take the risk, they can simply enjoy the falls at the first level, which is safer.

Nearby Attractions
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How to Get There
From Padang City, tourists need to rent a speedboat and head to Sipura Island. The next destination is North Siberut Sub-District. To be exact, they need to reach Melacan Village which takes about 2-3 hours from Sikabaluan (the capital of North Siberut). Lastly, it requires walking or trekking to reach the falls from the village.

Where to Stay
Siberut Surf Camp

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