Karamajat Island in Mentawai District, West Sumatra Province

No one feels bored when talking about the beauty of Mentawai Islands. Such particular district belongs to West Sumatra Province and has been attracting both locals and foreigners overtime. Not only it offers solemn islands, but it also becomes the home of a famous society called Mentawai Tribe. One of the islands is Keramajat which is famous for its resorts and tourism area (Kandui Villas). The island resides in the south part of Siberut and it is quite accessible for everyone. With all these plus points, all tourists would obtain an unforgettable experience that they can brag about.

The Nuance
Keramajat offers a peaceful nuance and lush nature. That means the island is suitable for relaxation and sightseeing. It is also suitable for photography and water sports. Several beaches are available so tourists can do numerous fun activities like swimming, surfing, beach walking, sunbathing, etc. The wind feels so warm and comfortable as well, especially in the coastal area. In terms of landscape, Keramajat Island consists of both plain ramps and mangroves. Not to mention many coconuts grow well there.

Exploring Karamajat Island
Many types of activities can be done in Karamajat including water sports, relaxation at a resort, surfing, enjoying local dances, and much more. For instance, the locals often hire Sikerei or a shaman to perform a traditional ritual. The purpose is none other than to eradicate bad spirits and help tourists to enjoy their vacation in Keramajat. Moreover, Sikerei dance is also performed sometimes. Villagers retain their tradition and try to introduce it to visitors. In fact, they refuse to apply the modern way of living in order to keep their culture intact.

The most common reason to visit Keramajat Island is to enjoy surfing which becomes a prime activity to do in the Mentawai Islands. In this case, tourists can take advantage of any local resort in order to find information regarding the best spots for surfing. Actually, there have been 13 surfing spots available. All of them are recommended for both beginners and professionals, as well. Still, first-timers should pay attention to some dangerous waves like the one in the north part of Kandui Villas. Only extreme surfers could enjoy those waves!

For those coming for surfing, it is better to come during June-Augusts when the waves come at their best quality. Some others recommend May-September to do surfing, as well. Apart from surfing, tourists come to Keramajat to relax and to spend a honeymoon (thanks to local resorts on which visitors can rent). The nuance is romantic enough and it helps any couples to create a memorable experience in such stunning island, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There   
Some people say they have a problem when it comes to reaching Keramajat Island. Well, it is because they don’t have enough information about it. Here is the tip. The first destination is Padang City (the capital of West Sumatra). Next, tourists can rent a boat and head to Sipura Island. The next destination is indeed Keramajat by taking another boat.

Where to Stay
Kandui Resort

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