Rua Oinan Lake in Saumanganyak Village, Mentawai District

Exploring Mentawai District would be a new experience for everyone, especially those who love nature adventure. Tourists have the chance to visit numerous traditional villages, learning the culture, visiting majestic beaches, and much more. Another charm of Mentawai is that it has a serene environment, on which visitors can relax in. Here is an example. There is Rua Oinan Lake located in Saumanganyak Village (North Pagai). Surrounded by nature and located in a remote area, the lake becomes a perfect site for relaxation and get closer to nature. It is also suitable for those who love photography!

The Nuance
The size of Rua Oinan Lake is indeed big and it is surrounded by big trees, especially sago trees. The location is near to Saumanganyak Village, so it is reachable by either foot or traditional transportation service. The water of the lake looks quite calm, but it is not suitable for swimming. There is a small hill situated near to the lake as well, so tourists can climb and reach the peak to get a better view of the lake. That is a favorite spot to do photography, actually. No wonder, some tourists gather on that spot instead of sitting near to the lake.

Exploring Rua Oinan Lake
It doesn’t have to be photography. A vacation in Rua Oinan Lake can be as simpler as witnessing the beauty of nature. That means visitors only need to approach the lake and walk around the site with their families. The best time to visit is in the morning when the weather is the nicest. It is also possible to spend a good time with friends at night in the lake doing camping. The only requirement is the permission from the nearby villagers. Not to mention they must take care of the trash before going back home.

For those who never visit a lake before, preparation becomes a must. Visiting Rua Oinan Lake is not as easy as people might think, after all. The most important thing is the direction. Tourists can either take advantage of the locals’ guide or a tour agency to reach the lake. Have no worries. Those who live in Saumanganyak Village are quite friendly. They even offer a place to rest for tourists. It would be lucky if visitors can try some local foods freely!

As for the tips, tourists shall wear proper or comfortable clothes when visiting the lake. Somehow, the weather can be quite cold in the morning and hot at noon. Wearing sneakers or hiking boots is quite helpful especially for those who want to climb the hill. What about foods? They can either carry or buy them. Don’t forget to try some local specialties, though.

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How to Get There
The checkpoint is Padang City in West Sumatra. Later, tourists can rent a boat and head to Sipura Island where Tua Pejat City resides. The last trip is North Pagai Island so they can head to Saumanganyak Village right away. The lake is located near to that village so it takes only several minutes to reach the site.

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