Awera Beach in Tua Pejat City, Mentawai Archipelago

Awera is known as one of the most famous islands in Mentawai. The reason is none other than its amazing nature and beautiful beaches. For example, there is a renowned tourist spot called Awera Beach which is located near to Tua Pejat City. The beach is popular among tourists as it becomes a perfect location to do several fun activities like diving and snorkeling. Featuring stunning underwater scenery, tourists are able to enjoy diving while watching many types of fishes and corals there. No wonder, many tourist agencies recommend it to everyone.

The Nuance
What visitors may see at the first time when they arrive at the beach is its mesmerizing landscape. Awera Beach has many beautiful features like white sand, crystal clear sea water, coconut trees, bushes, calm waves, and peaceful atmosphere. Some people are seen in the sea swimming and snorkeling too. With such comfortable nuance, most of the tourists are likely to sit and relax near to the shoreline as well. In this case, the best place to relax would be Uma Awera Lodge.

Exploring Awera Beach
In a nutshell, Awera Beach is a suitable place to enjoy marine tourism as it is quite popular. As mentioned before, snorkeling and swimming are two main popular activities in Mentawai. Despite the fact, tourists can do other things like family gathering and relaxation. For example, the locals often come to the beach and eat together near to the shoreline. They would roll out a mat and place some foods, snacks, and drinks on it. Accompanied by jaw-dropping sea scenery and comfy wind, such event would never fail to amaze everyone.

The next common activity to do in Awera Beach is to relax at its resort. Some facilities are available to rent, in fact. Featuring comfortable rooms and good services, the guests can feel like home when spending a vacation in Awera. The thing is not many visitors would come during working days. That means the resort would feel empty and a little bit creepy at night. Have no worries. The staff is always ready to help the guests regarding their necessities.

Even though Awera Beach is not located near to a local village, some locals are often seen in the location. For foreigners, they have the chance to approach those local people and make some new friends there. If they are lucky, those people would provide free fresh coconut drink and some snacks! This is definitely a worthy experience so everyone should visit Awera Beach at least once. The best time to visit it is during holiday and weekends, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tua Pejat City
  • Siberut Island
  • Pagai Island

How to Get There
From Padang City, travelers need to take a boat and head to Sipora Island. Once they reach Tua Pejat City, the next destination is Awera Island so that they can head to the beach directly. Several transportation services are available so they can use them without hassles. What they only need is enough cash to pay the transportation fee and resort room.

Where to Stay

  • Oinan Guesthouse
  • Billou Beach Villa
  • Uma Awera

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