Pokai Beach in Simalegi Village, North Siberut, Mentawai

What are the reasons for visiting Mentawai Archipelago? Well, one of them is definitely its waves. The fact is that it consists of several islands and all of them have good spots for surfing. Moreover, it also offers distinct culture and beautiful nature. As for the reference, tourists can visit a hidden beach called Pokai. The location is in Simalegi Village and it is part of North Siberut Sub-District. The question is what makes it different than other beaches in Mentawai. Here is the answer. The beach offers a combination of great waves and stunning natural scenery. It is also a strategic area to reach a nearby island, which takes only 5 minutes.

The Nuance
Some tourists say Pokai Beach has more beautiful natural scenery as compared to other beaches. However, the waves are not quite challenging so professional surfers aren’t likely to get satisfied there. On the other hand, Pokai is suitable for beginners or those who want to try surfing. What about tourists who don’t like surfing? Well, they can simply sit and relax in the shoreline while witnessing jaw-dropping sea scenery. There is even a nearby island located next to the beach, on which tourists can visit by a boat.

Exploring Pokai Beach
Pokai Beach becomes a good option for those looking for beautiful sea scenery and comfortable atmosphere. Not to mention it is a suitable for relaxing, beach walking, and photography. When it comes to unique features, Pokai has several pine trees growing healthily near to the shoreline. With breezy wind, the leaves of those trees wave peacefully. Such comforting nuance definitely helps everyone to relax and eradicate stresses at once.

The next popular activity to do in Pokai Beach is photography. It is a no brainer. The pine trees indeed become the prime objects to capture. Apart from those, small waves of the sea are also worth a photo shoot! In the afternoon, tourists can even see a rainbow! At the time, some local teenagers would visit the beach and hang out with their friends. Such nuance is indeed amusing, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter whether tourists come alone or with families. One thing that they can be sure of is that Pokai Beach offers anything they need for relaxing.

The best time to visit Pokai Beach is in the morning when more visitors are around. On the other hand, the beach is quite peaceful in the morning (which is suitable for enjoying a serene atmosphere). For those who want to do surfing, they can come at noon when the waves are at their best. Regardless of the activities, everyone should never forget to keep the beach clean. Don’t spoil such beautiful nature!

Nearby Attractions
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How to Get There
It takes about 3 hours in reaching Pokai Beach by a speedboat from Muara Sikabaluan (the capital of North Siberut. Once tourists get there, they can head directly to Simalegi Village. The beach is quite near from there, after all. As for the accommodations, they can either stay at villagers’ house or rent a room at nearby resorts.

Where to Stay
Uma Awera Resort

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