Buasak Island in Mentawai District, West Sumatra Province

The Mentawai Islands have become a hot topic among passionate travelers recently. The reason is that such region offers an unspoiled nature and exotic culture. Of all the islands in Mentawai, perhaps some people haven’t heard about Buasak. It is true that it is not as famous as Sipura or Siberut but it has proven to be a worthy vacation spot for everyone, especially among surfers. The location is near to Muara Siberut and it takes only about 20 minutes from Nyang Nyang.

The Nuance
When it comes to atmosphere, Buasak Island represents a similar nuance as compared to other islands in Mentawai. For example, it has lush nature and an unspoiled environment. On top of that, visitors can witness a traditional way of living of Mentawai Tribe. They even have the chance to approach those people! Despite the secluded location, Buasak features a good resort one which tourists can rent. That place opens for everyone including families, honeymooners, professional surfers, etc. No wonder, some foreigners are also seen there.

Exploring Buasak Island
So, what can tourists do in Buasak? It is a common question. Well, tourists can do lots of activities including relaxation and surfing. Still, surfing becomes the most popular activity there. A famous surf camp is even available to visit. For instance, there is Shadow Mentawai Surfcamp which is quite famous among foreigners. In fact, such surf camp is the only one in Mentawai so everyone should never miss the chance to visit it and learn a bit fun of surfing.

What’s next? Apart from surfing, Buasak Island also becomes the renowned location to enjoy yoga and sightseeing. The combination of those activities is definitely helpful to eradicate stresses and other similar issues. With this reason, Buasak is chosen as a nice vacation destination for busy people. Doing yoga while witnessing sea scenery is incomparable, isn’t it? It even feels better during sunset! The local resort in the island also provides some fun facilities like ping-pong table and volleyball court. This way, those who love sports can take advantage of those facilities.

The next activity to do in Buasak Island is to get in the water and witness numerous types of fishes. As for the tip, tourists should never forget to bring their goggles and other snorkeling equipment. Apart from fishes, several types of corals are also available to be seen. Next, they can rent a boat and enjoy fishing. For those who love more challenging activities, jungle trekking is the most recommended one. As long as tourists apply mosquito repellent, they are good to explore such wild nature!

Nearby Attractions

  • Malilimok
  • Siberut Island

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Buasak Island is located near to Siberut. But first, tourists should head to Padang and take a boat from there. Their checkpoint would be Muara Port where they can rent a boat and head to Sipura Island. The next destination is either Siberut or Buasak by taking a private boat. This whole trip would take some time but it is worth the effort, for sure.

Where to Stay

  • Wavepark Resort
  • Shadow Mentawai Surfcamp

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