Bulasat Beach in Siruso Island, Mentawai Archipelago

Visiting an exotic country like Indonesia is a great idea, especially for those who love an adventure. The fact is that it offers numerous islands to explore like Sumatra. Being the part of Sumatra Island, Mentawai is chosen as one of the best tourist spots for those who are looking for good beaches, challenging waves, peaceful nuance, and interesting local culture. As for the reference, Siruso (one of the islands in Mentawai) becomes the home of a solemn village called Bulasat. That area is also famous for their amazing beach, which shares the same name to the village.

The Nuance
Bulasat Beach is located near to the village, which only takes about 2.5 hours. Tourists can simply take a local transportation service to reach the location as well. Once they approach the beach, a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere may welcome them. The waves are calm and safe which are indeed suitable for swimming. No wonder, families often come to the beach and play in the water happily. The water is clean and warm, too! Not to mention the sand is white and many shady trees grow near to the shoreline. What a great nature!

Exploring Bulasat Beach
For most of the people, Bulasat Beach has a superb attraction which is its white sand. This explains why visitors are likely to enjoy such activity like beach walking and relaxing in the shoreline. During the activity, they can also enjoy drinking fresh coconut and feel the comfortable wind on the beach. In fact, a formation of local farms can be seen all the way to the beach. This provides a great and comfortable view which is useful to tourists, especially for relaxing.

The best time to visit Bulasat Beach is during the weekends and religious holidays. The reason is that more visitors are seen on the site so tourists can feel a merrier atmosphere. The locals usually come to the beach to build a stronger relationship with their family members. As for tourists, the beach becomes the source of peace and a place to meet people who have the same interest as them. In some cases, they are able to make some new friends in that location too. As an alternative, visitors can simply enjoy the solemn nuance of the beach and relieve their stresses.

At the end of the adventure, they can approach Bulasat Village which is located near to the coast. In that place, tourists would meet the locals (Mentawai People) who are famous for their tattoos and distinct culture. Some of them are also likely to perform unique dances when tourists come to their settlement. Another idea is that tourists must not forget to try the local culinary which both tasty and rare. Overall, both the village and the beach are quite recommended for tourists.

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How to Get There
As mentioned before, Bulasat Beach is situated in Siruso Island. From Padang City, tourists can simply rent a boat and head to Sipora Island. Once reaching Tua Pejat City, the next destination is Siruso Island by another boat. Later, they only need to head to Bulasat Village and head to the beach right away.

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