Karoniki Beach in South Siberut, Mentawai

Surfing is the most popular activity to do in Mentawai Island especially among water sports lovers. This explains why such amazing tourist site becomes one of the most visited locations among surfers. Thanks to amazing waves actually. One of the most recommended beaches to find perfect waves for surfing is called Karoniki. As the name suggests, it is located in Karoniki Island in South Siberut. Being a popular destination among surfers, the beach would be quite crowded during holidays as both locals foreigners are seen in that area.

The Nuance
Some great features surround Karoniki Beach, which is indeed amusing. For instance, many trees grow near to the shoreline and the beach even features some lodges for relaxing. The sand is soft and it emits a comfortable nuance. When it comes to the sea, the waves are seen majestic with their powerful force. The wind even makes those waves look better. During the weekend and holidays, some surfers are seen in the sea and they look enjoying the activity so much. Everyone is allowed to join as long as they have some basic skills of surfing, in fact.

Exploring Karoniki Beach
Not only Karoniki Beach is famous among the locals, but it is also recognized by foreigners. Those who come from other countries usually visit Mentawai during an annual surfing festival done by the local government. In fact, that competition is open for everyone especially those who are passionate enough to join. According to the locals, the majority of foreigners who come to Karoniki are those who come from Australia. Some of them also come from the United States and Europe actually. It is safe to say Karoniki Beach becomes another source of income for the country, especially in the tourism industry.

Simply put, Karoniki Beach is one of the best surfing spots offered by Mentawai Island. One thing, only 10 people are allowed to surf in that spot at the same time. The purpose is to keep the safety rate during the surfing activity. It is common sense because too many surfers doing the activity at the same time may increase the injuries due to a collision. Thus, it becomes the basic rule everyone should obey.

Apart from surfing, Karoniki Beach is suitable for some fun activities like photography. Some parts of the beach offer an amazing view or landscape, which is suitable to perform photography. In this case, it is better to carry a camera regardless of the photography skill. As an alternative, tourists can come with their friends or families and conduct a fun activity together. For examples, they can do eating together and play beach sports like soccer.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Nyangnyang Beach

How to Get There
In order to reach Karoniki Beach, tourists must head to Karoniki Island. It takes only 1 hour from Tua Pejat City and visitors can come by boat. Along the way to the destination, they might see stunning steep cliffs and big waves! Those amazing views are definitely breathtaking!

Where to Stay

  • Syahruddin Hotel
  • Mentawai Surf Camp
  • Umma Maonu

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